All Purpose Neutral Silicone Sealant

All Purpose Neutral Silicone Sealant

All purpose neutral curing silicone sealant features excellent resistance to weather, aging, UV light, ozone, water, and withstands high temperature. It is widely used for bonding and sealing applications like doors and windows installation, glass, aluminum plate, stone, ceramics, as well as oil-free materials. Normally, its color is black, porcelain or grey. Customized color is also available.

This product which is 300ml or 595ml per piece should be stored in the cool and dry place with the temperature below 27℃. In addition, the shelf life is 9 months since the date of production.

1. All purpose neutral curing silicone sealant shouldn't be used as structural sealant, or applied to the materials which will ooze oil, plasticizers or solvents.
2. It doesn't work in the confined places since it cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture.
3. Frost or humid surface, as well as continuous water immersion place should be avoided.
4. Our silicone sealant is not applicable for the substrates like copper, lead and galvanized metal.

As a China-based all purpose neutral silicone sealant manufacturer and supplier, we provide not only neutral silicone sealant, but also polyurethane sealant, acetoxy silicone sealant, EVA hot melt adhesive, acrylic sealant, and much more.

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