Neutral Silicone Sealant

Unlike Acetoxy silicone, Kater neutral silicone sealant is neutral curing silicone which is free from acid odor and is non-corrosive to substrates like metal, mirror, marble, concrete, etc. Therefore, it enjoys tremendous popularity among the countries where environmental protection is required, including American, European countries and so on. This product mainly comes with four types covering Kater200, Kater600, Kater800 and Kater900. In addition, both customized service and OEM service are available. The product quality is guaranteed for 12 months after the production date.

Comparison Table
1Density( g/cm3 )0.98±0.021.00±
2Tack Free Time ( min )12-1510-151820
3Curing Time( 2mm/h )16-2010-1516-1818-20
4Curing Rate( 4mm/h )25-3025-283538
5Capacity Movement±30%±30%±30%±28%
6Max. Tensile Strength1.
7Elongation at Break (%)≥420≥600≥450≥450
8Hardness Shore A23±225±240±262
9StandardGB/T14683 -2003GB/T14683 -2003JC/T882 -2001GB16776 -2005
Tack free time and curing time are tested under 23℃ and 50% humidity

KATER is a specialized neutral silicone sealant manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide an extensive line of products, including acrylic sealant, EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane foam sealant, and acetoxy silicone sealant, among others.

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