Firestop Duct Acrylic Sealant

Firestop Duct Acrylic Sealant

Firestop duct acrylic sealant is a fibrated, water based, interior or exterior vapor barrier duct sealant which can form a durable seal against air leakage when used with or without reinforcing tape or membrane. It is formulated for low, medium and high velocity heating and air conditioning ducts.

Application Methods
When Use in Compliance with the Fire Protection Standard UL181B
1. Use the brush, trowel, or power extrusion to apply the firestop duct acrylic sealant to the clean, dry, oil-free surfaces.
2. Brush out uniformly a 2" wide coat over the joint, at the nominal rate of 2 gallon per 100 ft2 or 0.8 l/m2. The total coverage rate will be 45 to 55 ft2 /gallon or 1.1 to 1.4m2/l.
3. Before testing, the completed joint should be dried for no less than 24 hours at the temperature above 70ºF or 21℃. The drying will be delayed if applied to the environment with high humidity above 70% and/or cooler temperatures. The thickness of the all wet film ranges from 29 mils to 35 mils.

When Use not in Compliance with the Fire Protection Standard UL-181
1. Apply a continuous film of duct acrylic sealant over all areas of the indoor or outdoor duct system where air leakage may occur. Use a brush to work the sealant into joints and eliminate the excess.
2. On spiral ducts, apply the coat to the male end of the coupling before fitting the straight run of spiral duct over it. Brush excess duct sealant over the joint to complete the seal. Screw holes and flanges should also be sealed with a coat of duct sealant which may be applied to the inside or outside of the duct.

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