Acrylic Sealant

Kater acrylic sealant is extensively applied to seal cracks, joints and slits for window sills, prefab elements, stairs, skirting, chimneys, corrugated roof sheets, door and window frames, and so on. Our removable water-based acrylic sealant is easily cleaned without residue or mess. This product remains flexible sealing after curing. Moreover, it can perfectly adhere to all the substrates, and no yellowing appears. Two hours later, it can be painted. Our product is developed for the applications where mildew resistance and moisture resistance are required.

According to characteristics, various kinds of acrylic sealants for different applications can be produced, such as KTR300 and KTR700 for general gap filling and caulking, KTR500 for construction adhesive use, KTR800 for air duct application and so on. 80ml, 280ml, 300ml, 600ml or 200L per drum is available.

Comparison Table
1Density (g/cm3)1.45±0.051.501.501.501.20
2Tack Free Time (min)2520181815
3Shrinkage (mm)≤3≤2≤2≤1≤1
4Curing Rate (2mm/h)24-2622-24222020
5Elongation at Break (%)≥55≥60≥65≥80≥150
6Modulus AdhesiveOkOkGoodGoodGreat

As a professional acrylic sealant manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide array of products, including polyurethane sealant, EVA hot melt adhesive, neutral silicone sealant, acetoxy silicone sealant, and more.

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