High Adhesion EVA Hot Melt Stick

High Adhesion EVA Hot Melt Stick
Product NameHigh Adhesion EVA Hot Melt Glue Stick
Model No.Kater8112
TypeEVA base
AppearanceWhite translucent stick
Softening Point83 ± 2℃
Viscosity10,000 ± 500mpa.s / 180℃
Working Temperature120 -140℃
Size7.2 * 300 mm, 11.2 *300 mm or any other requested size
Package25kgs per carton or other customized ones

We are an experienced high adhesion EVA hot melt stick manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide middle grade silicone glass sealant, neutral RTV high temperature gasket maker, general purpose hot melt glue stick, and more.

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