Kater Adhesives Industrial Company Ltd. is a Chinese adhesive sealant manufacturer engaged in the development, production and marketing of acetoxy silicone sealant, neutral silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, polyurethane sealant, polyurethane foam sealant, EVA hot melt adhesive, and related products.

Kater Silicones is the third largest adhesive sealant factory in China, and has plants in Foshan and Yantai. We have USD 40 million sales turnover per annum and more than 680 employees. Currently, our silicone sealant accounts for 25% of the market share in China, and we have a planned output of 42 tons of silicone sealants in 2012. We offer many types of silicone sealant products, such as one and two-component types, acetoxy and neutral types, and more.

Kater acrylic sealant product was elected as a Satisfied Product of China Consumer, and Qualified Products by Shandong Technology Supervision Bureau. We are a member of China Adhesive Agent Industrial Association in 2000 and our products are Quality Checking Exemption Products in China.

Kater polyurethane sealant is applicable to construction, industry, automobiles, and more. Our adhesive sealant production process is in conformation with the ISO/S16949:2002 quality standard, China Standard and many other international standards, and we can create private labels for large, multi-national companies and factories.

Kater hot melt adhesive is sold all over the world, including countries in the Middle East, Europe, and America, with an annual output of up to 3000 tons. Using efficient machines and advanced technology, we are confident that we can offer customers the best prices, prompt delivery, excellent service, and the highest quality products.

Development History
KATER has expanded rapidly since its establishment. In 1998, acrylic sealant and silicone sealant were put into production. In 2002, Kater Adhesives Industrial Company Ltd. was established, and that same year our company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. In 2004, our company became a member of the China Construction Metal Structure Association.
The foreign trade department was founded in 2005. We were regarded in 2007 as the validated enterprise of structural silicone sealant production by the Aluminum Curtain Wall Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association. In addition, we have been named as a qualified supplier by Made-in-China and SGS.

Main Products